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Coordinator/Director of Navrongo Women Health Development
  • To build the capacity of women groups in taking a critical: look at the interconnectedness of issues of poverty, reproductive health and human rights as the affects women in Kassena-Nankana of Northern Ghana.
  • To promote good NGO practice in emergency humanitarian and development, achieve vision of the organization, in a manner that is consistent with laid down principles through a Code of Conduct and provision of adequate interventions and training courses.
  • To actively promote the role of women and civil society in the development of Kassena-Nankana District in co-operation with other stakeholders.
  • To foster co-operation, transparency and partnership between Ghanaian and international NGOS in the areas of women’s reproductive health, poverty reduction and human rights.
  • To facilitate effective contact and co-ordination between Ghanaian NGOs and international NGOs, donors and other stakeholders.
  • To monitor and share information about trends in international development.