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Navrongo Women Health Development giving out health education on sexual and reproductive health
Navrongo Women’s Health Development is a non Governmental organization working in partnership with women and men of courage committed to a world of equality and social justice, which advocates for and defends women's rights through activities within the Kassena-Nankana District.

Our philosophy is rooted in commitment to justice and an appreciation of the value of women’s experience. The challenges women face vary widely across communities, religions, cultures and traditions. We believe that women should have a full range of choices, and that women themselves know best how to determine their needs and make proposals for lasting change. The way we do our work is as important as what we do. The philosophy is reflected in our flexible approach to.

Advocacy on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
Creating ways to prevent transmission of STDs such as HIV/Aids
Fostering social and behavioral change
Empowering women to reduce child death
Improving Maternal Health
Poverty eradication
Creating a National Health Insurance Scheme
Assuring equality of work and justice

This will be achieved by devising activities that combine advocacy, communication and outreach with referral services for the benefit of our target population.